PDAM Bandarmasih is water utility company at Banjarmasin City, South Borneo, Indonesia that has total population in 2015 around 717,677. Coverage ratio of PDAM Bandarmasih is 99.99% from total population in 2015 (compared with Jakarta which is around 50%). Wow! How come? :). Total House Connection of PDAM Bandarmasih is 166,261 (status in 2015).  The Non Revenue Water (NRW) of PDAM Bandarmasih is very low (only 25.76% in 2015). Continuity of 24 hours water supply is 100% with capacity of WTP 2,300 lps. The quality of ground water in Banjarmasin is bad so people in Banjarmasin prefer water from PDAM than groundwater. PDAM Bandarmasih already implemented District Meter Area (DMA) with Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to minimize NRW. PDAM Bandarmasih also do the calibration for the water mater and it also can reduce NRW. There is no lack of Raw Water in Banjarmasin. The raw water that comes from Martapura River is always available with good quality.




Mercure Hotel, Banjarmasin

2nd of November, 2016


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